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One Generation Plants The Trees In
Whose Shade Another Generation Rest

We hope everyone can have a compassionate heart and protect this beautiful planet. As a vegetarian, you can make a contribution and assist our next generation to live better. We can all work together on this mission.

The Way Vegetarian Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd. has been established for more than 20 years. In the earlier stage, we started this business with home base handmade product. We mainly produce natural based vegetarian food.

In year 2000, we mostly focus on mushroom stem and soya bean/fibre vegetarian processing technology. To able to expend and sustain our business to the future, our next step is to introduction of technology for vegan. Currently we have customer in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand through our dealership program.

Our company has continually maintained a high degree of honesty and integrity, which is appreciated by those associated with us. Together with the increase in vegetarian consumption n recent years, business has continued growing. This has resulted in the production plant being inadequate in size. Our company decide to expand with the aim to secure the company’s future and to meet the need of consumers.

Our company strictly adheres to the purchase of only high quality raw materials. Due to the company management being practising vegetarians themselves, close attention is paid to the product quality. There is no risk of inferior quality food.

The company has entered the twenty-first century, relying on the strength of its expanding management team. The company hopes in the future to develop and create more healthy and delicious vegetarian food to thank our continued customer support over the years, and also contribute to protect our planet.

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